Songs to Sing Along!

dalam rangka kegalauan dan kegloomyan yg melanda *halah*

let me share some of interesting things i enjoyed in the past weeks..


some freshly taken from my playlist *with my favorite part*:

1. Maybe – Yiruma

its just piano songs, so no lyric. but i do recommend this one. its totally unique!

2. Why Have I Fallen For You? – DBSK

go asia again! hahaha.

so why have i fallen for you? i thought u’ll be here forever, but u just turn out to another path

3. Just Stand Up! – Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Fergie, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, and more

if the mind keeps telling uve had enough, but the heart keeps telling u “dont give up!”

4. Kiss by Kiss – Emilia

now here’s the key: i made u come to me. i didnt run, i didnt chase, i played it cool, i gave u space. before i knew, i was holding youu

5. T-shirt – Shontelle

now i dont know, now i dont know, if i ever gonna let u go. nothing feels right when i’m not with you

6. Little Things – Colbie Caillat

the little things u did to me are taking me over, i wanna show u everything inside of me are like the nervous heart beats are crazily beating

back up back up, take another chance. dont u mess up mess up, i dont wanna lose you. wake up wake up, this aint just the thing that u give up give up, dont u say that i’d be better off better off by myself and wondering

7. Chocolate High – Indi Arie and Musiq Child

i crave u, i want u. every cell in my body needs u, tasty like Hershey’s and Nestle’s

8. Next To You – Jordin Sparks

maybe we’re friends, maybe we’re more. maybe its just my imagination. but i see u stare just a little too long, and it makes me start to wonder

9. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti – Christina Aguilera

just when i think i am able to say that i’m OK, then i remember you, and my world just re-fall into pieces.

10. Energy – Keri Hilson

this love has taken all of my energy

11. Gotta Get Over You – Aslyn

if i gotta get over you, o gotta stop singing this song for hundred of hours

12. Stand By Me – shiNee

its an OST from asian serial Boys Before Flowers, the latest and Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Meteor Garden)

stand by me, look towards me. because i know nothing of love yet. stand by me, guard over me. because i’m still clumsy at love

there are more songs comin’ up! hehehe..




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thanks to kepala suku beruang!

just found this interesting yet sweet quote from burung’s

sometimes when i say “oh, i’m fine,” i want someone to look me in the eyes and say,”tell me the truth”

*sumpah, ini cewe banget ga si? haha..*

its a shame to cry – and being unmood as well, is veeryy tiring..



kayaknya gw mau dapet deh. hehehe.

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Mr. Nice Guy, ur kindness remains.. :)

it was u
who used to wipe the tears..
by not even using ur hand..

it was u
who delivers away the laugh..
and develop the love..

but it was u
who keeps in everything..
not even want to whispering..

then it is u
just by minutes i saw..
the one that i let my mind blow..

then it is u
who just crossed in the way..
right when my mind is getting away..

thanks to u

be the one who made me realize..
that some ones are just stay nice..

thanks to u

once again,
help me curing the pain..

thanks to u

to let me remember..
some people (sorry, btw, will it include u anyhow? hehe..) will be there..

thank u. really, bunches of thank yous. ^^


dedicated to u, the old dear good guy friend.. its always been a pleasure to love and care u đŸ™‚


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elementary school stories.

soo.. i met this very old friend from elementary school through facebook.. gosh, this site is really helpfull. hehehhe.

anyway, her sister added me and text me via message..

well, u know, ordinary and standard things, until then.. she asked about my former classmates and informed me that they were close back then.. hahahaha.. and she asked whether i could find his number for her, since i told her that i found his cousin via facebook as well. hehehe.

she called him the “luph monkeey”


how elementary it is..


funny ya? hehehhehe..

and in college life i would like to call it..



happy weekend all!! đŸ™‚

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political thingy …

i just browsed, after some days without news. hahaha.

some updates about the political issues in the country would be:

the top three of the vote count:

and the recent news is : Golkar refuse to do koalisi with Partai Demokrat.

and some people lead by Megawati, or should i say PDIP, is calling themselves TEUKU UMAR. (the real reason why i am curious about the name is because the leader of Gerindra was saying that Golkar should join Teuku Umar group).

gosh.. Teuku Umar.. what the ****…


well.. i already know what to vote anyway..

hope the best man (my vote) wiinn! đŸ™‚

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status: exhausted!

just got here from jakarta..
and things been waiting:

1. moodle thingy – topic is about marriage. yes, marriage. gosh. like i care. (checked! in 1 hour)

2. karya ilmiah. yeepp. in bahasa indonesia, people. not trying to be such an ass about my own language, but i should confess, bahasa is not my thing since high school. i’m about to finish it by tonight. i really hope i can post it and show u how pity the grammar is.

3. BRVC – subprime mortgage thingy. gosshh. i’ll do it tommorow.

4. Sunday School event! tommorow!



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LOVE (songs) FOR BEAR (playlist)

just found this little bear at flooperious (Burung’s bloog!)

all the songs are randomly listed!

for all of the bears… ^^


Music Playlist at







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