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review dari buku atau film yang gw recommend utk ditonton (or not!)

what half-ly crossed :)

this post is about what crossed my mind while watching HP 6 movie (i know, my mistake for watching it so late)

the best official poster that i can get? hehehe.

the best official poster that i can get? hehehe.

first thing first, i gave this movie 3 out of 5 stars. why?

1. too many teen flick things. men, thats the thing i also enjoyed during the reading. however, that would be great if that issue is still the sidekick in the movie rather than become the main thing 🙂


the point is, personally speaking, the whole movie become too cheerful and teenager movie. u can actually put more cheerful songs and u then have the high school musical 😦 though, it is acceptable because theyre teenagers now.

2. the Snape character is developing a lot, as i expected.  totally impressed me a lot. though i still find it funny at most times, i think he is brilliant 🙂

3. the character of Draco Malfoy is soooo limited. not because i fancy him a lot (i still do love you, Mr. Tom Felton), but its just that i personally think the portion of him in the book is quiet significantly increasing, and thus, i expected his performance more during the movie. hopefully in the 7th movie i can expect more performances, because his role is quiet important 🙂

4. i should admit that Emma Watson is taking away all the attentions. ure really gorgeous Emma! 🙂

happy watch! and i’m hardly waiting for both Deathly Hallows 1 and 2 🙂

*sad of the limited acts by Draco*

*sad of the limited acts by Draco*



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dedicated to SoEulmate couple x)

if you do pay attention to my earlier post, u’ll find that recently i’m impressed by the new asian serial tittled Boys Before Flowers, a Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (or you can recall it Meteor Garden – the Taiwan version)..

well, some say that BBF is the best among all – no surprise, since BBF could really work out on some previous series’ errors. i say, it is because BBF is more colourful than Taiwan’s MG or Japan’s HYD, so basically it won the best picture among all :). the plot, although seems longer, still interesting, because it has different interests on the casts, the Ji Hoo’s feeling for Jan Di, for example, is expressed a loooot better than the same feeling in MG played by Hua Zhe Lei towards Shan Chai.

though, i must admit that the action scenes in MG is soo much better.. c’mon, how do u actually get lots of blood all over the body when u only got beaten up several times (BBF scene for Jan Di’s kidnap saved by Jun Pyo)? i liked Tau Ming Se’s saving-the-girl scene soo much better.. and the scene of A Se making fun out of Shan Chai in the hospital (after the kidnap) is better thanJun Pyo’s which is kind of a wtf moment *still love it though!*..

the best thing about BBF for me is written in the tittle of the post! SoEulmate!

SoEulmate is the name given for one of the couple in the serial: So Yi Jeung and Chu Ga Eul. Yi Jeung is the friend of Jun Pyo, while Ga Eul is Jan Di’s. in MG, you find them as Xi Men and Xiao Yu.



theyre exposed more in BBF than in MG, hehe. if in MG, we could only find more of them in Meteor Rain, the final scene is in BBF.. yey!!! i love this couple since in MG, but i couldnt find the further story, and BBF just satisfy me.. a lot! hahaha.. overall their story is ordinary yet sweet, as in term of sweet and brave little girl find herself in love with a cassanova who dont really believe in love.

you can search youtube and find some fan made videos with other drama plot, and i find them very neat and pretty!


i think “kiss by kiss” by Emilia will fit the story of this couple a lot..

You can’t believe
How did I succeed
I went where no one’s gone before
I opened up your heart
And tiptoed through the door
To forevermore

What did I do
I took my time with you
The other girls they moved too fast
I knew the way to make it last
Was take it slow
I let it grow

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Now here’s the key
I made you come to me
I didn’t run, I didn’t chase
I played it cool, I gave you space
Before I knew
I was holding you

Made every kiss
Just so hard to resist
I always left you wanting more
Careful not to give it all
I played it smart
I won your heart

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Night by night and
Baby day by day
You grew to feel that special way
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

I wanted you from the start
You know it was so hard
To keep it locked inside me
Afraid to scare you so
Instead I let it show

Kiss by kiss, oh baby
Touch by touch

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Night by night and
Baby day by day
You grew to feel that special way
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Oh yeah
Kiss by Kiss

dont u think so? so girly flirty, yet very cutie! hahaha..

ps: i’d love to make a video of this couple as well, but with this song as the backsound, hahaha. anyone?


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some reviews.

so, its holiday, and most of my time is spent in reading and listening to the music – my top two ways to spend leisures.

nah, some of books and music that i would like to share this time would be:

twilight iflp4950big eclipse

Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer

well, after being totally impressed by the movie, i read the books. the review is 3 stars out of 5. i love the way she describe the situations and completely able to picture the forests and other scenes – most perhaps because i’ve seen the movie. but i felt a little bit boring in some parts. most likely because the point of view is only from Bella. plus, i felt really annoyed by the way Bella act between Jacob and Edward. i dont know, it just doesnt feel right. one funny thing about Bella thinking was the idea of marriage is totally dangerous for her. hahaha.


Recto Verso written by Dewi Lestari

great book. a lots gloomy stuff, but its totally fine. i found some beautiful and encouraging quotes, mostly about love – of course, the ‘it’ topic forever and always, gyahaha. i’ll share all my favorite ones later on this blog.


Circus songs by Britney Spears

i bought the album just for fun at the first time. mostly because i felt sorry for not buying her CD of Blackout. i guess i was totally forgot to. hehehe. anyway, i think this album is quite good. well, not the best ones like the old days, but way better than the ones which come out these years. i feel like the ‘good’ Britney is finally coming back. hehehe. my review will be 3 stars out of 5. my favorite songs: Womanizer (sooo funn!), Circus (good tones!)


Madagascar movie 2

great sequel movie! very cute, with jokes which is very ‘Madagascar’.  hehehehe.

thats all! cheers!


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wanted: a vampire boyfriend.


when you can live forever, what do you live for?

kira2 gitu bunyi tagline di poster film TWILIGHT i watched last night. as u may have google or hear it from anywhere, buku dan film nya emang lagi hot belakangan ini. as far as i have known before i watched it, TWILIGHT novel is a story about vampires and stuff, but with more romance and girly spirit. mgkn karena dari point of view cewek gitu.

isu2nya si, just like other movies-based-on-book, film ini tetep aja ga oke2 amat. tapi buat gw, OKEEE.. in fact, i am about to buy the book anytime soon (baca: after UAS dan kolokium)..tapi berhubung etha udah nyanggupin beli, kayaknya tanggung jawab penting ini akan gw serahin ke dia sajaa.. hahaha..

emm, anyway, walaupun emang terasa cepet dan banyak dipotong, overall, film ini cukup ngasi gw, yg jelas2 belom baca, necessary information dan bikin gw ngerti ceritanya. cowonya super sweet (what do u think that title refers to anyway? hehehe). dan cewenya juga oke gitu. walau ada yang agak aneh (how the hell could a vampire’s skin is sparkling? and the response given was ‘beautiful?’ – if its me, i’d say ‘ure sparkling’, gyahaha – jayus) dan lebay (the part where they laid together in a very flowery field – gw nunggu musik india diputer, haha).

oia, gw baru tau kalo si edward itu yg dulu maen di harry potter jadi cedric diggory! em, trus kalo kata anak2 cowo, efeknya kurang oke. walau kalo kata gw, efeknya oke2 aja. hehehe. tapi hampir semua setuju kalo bagian maen baseball is the most efek-oke part, right?

so, a vampire boyfriend anyone?




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same old brand new stage (another part)

cause you’re hot then you’re cold. you’re yes then you’re no

you’re in and you’re out. you’re up and you’re down.

you don’t really wanna stay, no.

but you don’t really wanna go, oh.

Hot and Cold – Katy Perry

aslinya sih gw baru tau lagu ini setelah baca blog burung

yeah! inget dialog di Gossip Girl season 2, between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

“we dont have to say those three words”

“because we just love the game. so, just hanging on and we’ll wait”

well, ga persis kayak gitu si. tapi itu lahh. hahaha.

cause we’re hot then we’re cold. we’re yes then we’re no

we’re in and we’re out. we’re up and we’re down.

we don’t really wanna stay, no.

but we don’t really wanna go, oh.




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til death do us apart

demikian bunyi tattoo di dalam salah satu episode CSI: NY kemaren di AXN. hem, i’m not gonna talk about tattoo stuff. 

and hell no! juga bukan soal isu perceraian salah satu pengusaha Indonesia gara2 dia kawin lagi sama selebriti PR itu. (walau kalo gw bilang, setelah gw ngedenger curhatan P yang satunya lagi-istri pertama nya si pengusaha, it actually shocked me once again about how we should look and consider the meaning of marriage-its only about sex that biological need? gosh!)

nope guys, i’m going to talk about one story of my recent trip to makassar. jadi bokap gw itu termasuk salah satu pengurus punguan Siahaan di makassar, dan kemaren salah satu mantan pembina punguan jatuh sakit. gw manggil beliau Opung. opung ini tu udah lama banget sakit. gw aja udah lupa sakitnya apa, kayak nya ginjal2 gimana gitu. pokoknya keadaannya sekarang dia ga bisa ngomong dan lemes banget.

singkatnya, hari minggu pagi ada telp yang ngabarin kalo opung itu sakit. sementara istrinya (gw manggil opung boru) lagi di sorong ternyata, soalnya salah satu anak perempuannya yg paling tua pindah ke sana (udah married). untuk sementara, bokap dan bbrp pengurus rajin dateng dan ngejagain si opung. akhirnya hari selasa atau rabu gitu gw ikutan ngejenguk. sedih deh, kayaknya dia lemes bangeet. i mean, keliatan kurus tu wajar lah ya, namanya juga udah lama sakit, tapi lemesnya itu. huhu. 

akhirnya, hari kamis si opung boru dateng. dan opung doli (si suami) udah pulang ke rumah. waa, sumpah ya, gw bisa merasakan aura si opung berubah. bener kata salah satu tamu (gw manggil kakak), si opung kangen sama opung boru kalii, makanya stress and gulanya turun (diagnosa dokter). hehehe.

gw suka banget ngeliat gimana the wife taken care of the husband. dan cara opung ngeliat opung baru, seems like he did miss her. sumpah, oke banget. itu baru namanya spirit “til death do us apart” heu. and there goes one of love award!!




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talking about taiwanese series

naah, i’m so not talking about Meteor Garden atau any serials of F4 anymore. well, its not that i didnt enjoy them (cause in fact, i collected their pictures – at that time). here is one of my favorite series from that country around those years in junior high (which i re-watch after i spent too much time in youtube for Gossip Girl episode 3 and 4) :

the series is titled THE OUTSIDERS, or as called in the country DOU YU. hem, why do i think it is interesting? well, let me share the story then. the story is about a bad boy who is with a team of three, who is having a crush with a sweet-piano girl. but the story is not that simple though. as the boy cant follow the girl with her high-end life; she actually blend herself into his. they do the runaway couple thing and stay in a simple-yet-cute-small apartment, with a good hangout place at top. this serial turns out to be so original (based on information that i could gather, it is said that the idea is originally taken from the internet, perhaps real story) and show me things about life and love that amazed a 13 years-old-girl like me at that time.

my favorite parts of the series, anyway, would be the one when the girl is missing her piano routines so badly that she worked at a playground that has a piano there; and then the boy – who is really angry and dissapointed about the fact, and insisted that he is the one that should work to fulfill whateever she needs – you tell me now, do you boys need to act this way? what so bad about having a girl works anyway?. after some fights, they actually getting back together, and the boy actually draw a piano picture on the wall, so that the girl can play it anytime she wants, and they enjoyed the sound emotionally. hohoho.

my most favorite soundtrack would be this sad song titled “Breathe Again” by a girl named Juwita Suwito. it is the backsound when the boy is already dead, and the girl is crying. emm, i admit that i cried (oh, yes, i cried..) mostly because of the scene, not the song. however, it is a sweet song and i think you’ll like it. just visit this link and hear the song 

mean while, i would like to share the lyric:

i just wanna breathe again, learn to face the joy and pain

discover how to laugh a little, cry a little; live a little more

i just wanna face the day, forget about the woes of yesterday 

maybe if i hope a little, try a little more

i’ll breathe again

as far as i could remember, this serial is really great. perhaps it was due to its story which came from the internet. or maybe because it is different from the new-age asian series (with those hard-talk girls and sweet-with-stupid-ways boys). the story is just so real and unpredictable. but i need to add that the ending is not so happy, in fact, there are some casts that died in the end.


ps: dylan guo (the main boy cast) is trully cute, btw.

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