yoshee is …

a 20 years old girl in waiting for all means. waiting for any assignments, waiting for weekends, waiting for fun activities, waiting for holidays, waiting for any outdoor activities, etc.

enjoys musics a lot, especially girl singers (with no offense to adams) and many kinds of books. loves to love and watch movies (except thriller); crazy about life and every challenges and fun included.

loving the times of my life,,


5 responses to “yoshee is …

  1. gladys....

    is one of my best fren ever…
    she always be for me since we in high school isn’t it? hehe
    so much fun together, so much laugh, so much pain, so much story, so much things to share…
    dulu tuh, tiap malam pasti nelpon dia, entah ngomongin apa aja tp tetep aj ada yg dibicarain mulai dr PR, tgs2, sekolah, gosip, ya begitulah… trus kemana-mana jg bareng duduk aja hampir 3 tahun sebelahan, yoshee is one of the smartest girl that i’ve ever met.. anak ITB gitu lho…
    apa ya?? sampe skrg jg masih sering crt2… apalagi sekarang kita jadi tetep deket walaupun jarak udh ga deket lg, tempat yg beda, dgn pilihan hidup msg2, ya karena gw butuh temen kyk yoshee, hehe
    ya bgt lah yoshee is the best dah….
    i hope we will meet soon… it’s been almost 2 years ya.. since our last met haha udh byk berubah nih kyknya… evrything going so fast and change but i hope our friendship will be last forever
    love you yosh….. miss evry moment we spent together.. missing our story in high school, missing our moment wa udh 3 tahun nih lulus sma udh tua banget deh hehe
    love u yosh……

  2. ganggu ah.. ;))
    Woi…woi… update ini blog. hihihihi..

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