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to re-fill the feel.

This evening was fun. I finished my training session and then went with Nessya, a classmate of mine, to attend an event held by a christian youth community in Jkt, called Frontliners.
We arrived at EX, a mall located at Thamrin, at 5.30, approximately 30min before the event started, so we decided to walk in first. Then finally I met Aldo, the one who inform me abt the event, someone I’ve been calling brother for a long time (hihi, maaf ya dith, abangnya dipinjem dlu, haha). After cipika cipiki and a little bit chit chat, we walked in.

There, I realized what Aldo’s been talking abt. The room was dark and hip *just like any Hard Rock Cafe would look alike. Or as I put it: just like any concert place would look like, haha.
The show was fine. Started with some dance, then some singers sing along with upbeat music played and mixed by DJ. The music was totally great. Ga lebay,haha. And the guitarist, was taking over all of my attention (well, just like any guitarist will do sih sbnrnya, gw murah kalo soal cowok main gitar, haha).
Music carried on and the people started to dance. The volume was so loud that I couldn’t even hear my own voice. But it was fun that I would love to join in the crowd.

From aldo I found out that this community event was designed was so to perfectly fit the members. Most of them were Ank Gaul Jkt, if I’m not mistaken, so there are special ways and properties for the event to be more attractive.

Em, not everyone will be agree upon that kind of event. Where I can ensure u that the music was so loud that I can hardly hear myself think. That I can nearly feel as if we’re in similar dugem night. My point is, this evening I still can feel the atmosphere of praising The Lord. They did praise Him through that kind of dancing. Because, again, that was what they’re excel in. I can still feel the passion of the singers, that they sang beautifully, and the guitarist playing which was very great. (Ok, the guitarist part was too much, I was just being me – the cheap one, hahahaha).
Anyway, I wasn’t able to attend the whole event, so I walked out of the room by 8.30 pm and then go for some dinner with Aldo and Nessya. By 10.30pm I’ve been at my room and write this blog. Its been a wonderful evening, I had fun. Thank youu all!! đŸ™‚

Below is the pic of the guitarist who had absolutely win over my attention for the night *i’m sorry, I’m being cheap again*,hahahaha.
Oh, the event’s mc is a brother of my old sunday school friend.

Happy day, friends! :)<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 1034px"its been a while since i enjoyed guitarist' passionate play.

its been a while since i enjoyed guitarist’ passionate play.



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