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now i know.

past is currently in specific pain that i know i can’t even had the gut to ask for a bite (worth the same ratio with the gut i had back with the past). that this pain and problem for me is the as far as past has been away from me for years . that getting to know the problem is easier than getting past near to me? checked.

and i am fully understand that catching up with past all over again, even with current circumstances, is like reaching up a lamp as u get taller – only that the ceiling also grows with u.

no no dear. i am now dare to say that i know you are away and that i am okay.

the thing is..

now i know that you, my past, way long time ago you had that big space.

now i know that you, my past, can always have my calmness be erased.

now i know that you, my past, your space is getting smaller but no dissapear.

now i know that you, my past, you are not those you used to wear

who are you now, i cant even recall.

or it was my mistake for not knowing you at all.

but i do know that now you need push,

exactly the one i’d love to give with a needy-rush.

i used to believe that nothing could break you,

and somehow, right now i still do.

so farewell, dearest past.

stay be the one i used to know, with a blast!


(oh, and by any chance, i’ll let you meet the new bossy neighbor of the place!)


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