what half-ly crossed :)

this post is about what crossed my mind while watching HP 6 movie (i know, my mistake for watching it so late)

the best official poster that i can get? hehehe.

the best official poster that i can get? hehehe.

first thing first, i gave this movie 3 out of 5 stars. why?

1. too many teen flick things. men, thats the thing i also enjoyed during the reading. however, that would be great if that issue is still the sidekick in the movie rather than become the main thing đŸ™‚


the point is, personally speaking, the whole movie become too cheerful and teenager movie. u can actually put more cheerful songs and u then have the high school musical đŸ˜¦ though, it is acceptable because theyre teenagers now.

2. the Snape character is developing a lot, as i expected.  totally impressed me a lot. though i still find it funny at most times, i think he is brilliant đŸ™‚

3. the character of Draco Malfoy is soooo limited. not because i fancy him a lot (i still do love you, Mr. Tom Felton), but its just that i personally think the portion of him in the book is quiet significantly increasing, and thus, i expected his performance more during the movie. hopefully in the 7th movie i can expect more performances, because his role is quiet important đŸ™‚

4. i should admit that Emma Watson is taking away all the attentions. ure really gorgeous Emma! đŸ™‚

happy watch! and i’m hardly waiting for both Deathly Hallows 1 and 2 đŸ™‚

*sad of the limited acts by Draco*

*sad of the limited acts by Draco*



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2 responses to “what half-ly crossed :)

  1. mariaqiz

    new me!
    check mine ^^

  2. love tom in hp6. its sad that he didn’t finish the job that he was told to do. wonder what happens to him?? đŸ˜¦ byebye dumbledor (sp)

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