blondes got bonded!

i am recently falling for, a listen-free website where u can find almost everything (i do mean everything, even mandarin songs are here, people!).

sooo, i found out that i just loove the blondes songs (of course all know i always love britney spears), and i think most people on earth do. hahahaha.

here are some of my favorites in their album on early years (1999-2000) of their career: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson. most of them are not singles, sooo if u feel like going nostalgic moments at the junior high, u might want to start grooveshark-ing!

loootts of looovee and enjoy some girly time! 😀

*hugs hugs*

Music Playlist at


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One response to “blondes got bonded!

  1. maria qiz

    yosiiii!!!! aku uwd nyobain grooveshark nya. .
    hehehe. bagus jg yak ada yang bgnian heuheu

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