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blondes got bonded!

i am recently falling for, a listen-free website where u can find almost everything (i do mean everything, even mandarin songs are here, people!).

sooo, i found out that i just loove the blondes songs (of course all know i always love britney spears), and i think most people on earth do. hahahaha.

here are some of my favorites in their album on early years (1999-2000) of their career: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson. most of them are not singles, sooo if u feel like going nostalgic moments at the junior high, u might want to start grooveshark-ing!

loootts of looovee and enjoy some girly time! đŸ˜€

*hugs hugs*

Music Playlist at


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dedicated to SoEulmate couple x)

if you do pay attention to my earlier post, u’ll find that recently i’m impressed by the new asian serial tittled Boys Before Flowers, a Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (or you can recall it Meteor Garden – the Taiwan version)..

well, some say that BBF is the best among all – no surprise, since BBF could really work out on some previous series’ errors. i say, it is because BBF is more colourful than Taiwan’s MG or Japan’s HYD, so basically it won the best picture among all :). the plot, although seems longer, still interesting, because it has different interests on the casts, the Ji Hoo’s feeling for Jan Di, for example, is expressed a loooot better than the same feeling in MG played by Hua Zhe Lei towards Shan Chai.

though, i must admit that the action scenes in MG is soo much better.. c’mon, how do u actually get lots of blood all over the body when u only got beaten up several times (BBF scene for Jan Di’s kidnap saved by Jun Pyo)? i liked Tau Ming Se’s saving-the-girl scene soo much better.. and the scene of A Se making fun out of Shan Chai in the hospital (after the kidnap) is better thanJun Pyo’s which is kind of a wtf moment *still love it though!*..

the best thing about BBF for me is written in the tittle of the post! SoEulmate!

SoEulmate is the name given for one of the couple in the serial: So Yi Jeung and Chu Ga Eul. Yi Jeung is the friend of Jun Pyo, while Ga Eul is Jan Di’s. in MG, you find them as Xi Men and Xiao Yu.



theyre exposed more in BBF than in MG, hehe. if in MG, we could only find more of them in Meteor Rain, the final scene is in BBF.. yey!!! i love this couple since in MG, but i couldnt find the further story, and BBF just satisfy me.. a lot! hahaha.. overall their story is ordinary yet sweet, as in term of sweet and brave little girl find herself in love with a cassanova who dont really believe in love.

you can search youtube and find some fan made videos with other drama plot, and i find them very neat and pretty!


i think “kiss by kiss” by Emilia will fit the story of this couple a lot..

You can’t believe
How did I succeed
I went where no one’s gone before
I opened up your heart
And tiptoed through the door
To forevermore

What did I do
I took my time with you
The other girls they moved too fast
I knew the way to make it last
Was take it slow
I let it grow

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Now here’s the key
I made you come to me
I didn’t run, I didn’t chase
I played it cool, I gave you space
Before I knew
I was holding you

Made every kiss
Just so hard to resist
I always left you wanting more
Careful not to give it all
I played it smart
I won your heart

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Night by night and
Baby day by day
You grew to feel that special way
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

I wanted you from the start
You know it was so hard
To keep it locked inside me
Afraid to scare you so
Instead I let it show

Kiss by kiss, oh baby
Touch by touch

Kiss by kiss, and baby
Touch by touch
Left you wanting me so much
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Night by night and
Baby day by day
You grew to feel that special way
Kiss by kiss is how I
Got you to fall in love with me like this

Oh yeah
Kiss by Kiss

dont u think so? so girly flirty, yet very cutie! hahaha..

ps: i’d love to make a video of this couple as well, but with this song as the backsound, hahaha. anyone?


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Songs to Sing Along!

dalam rangka kegalauan dan kegloomyan yg melanda *halah*

let me share some of interesting things i enjoyed in the past weeks..


some freshly taken from my playlist *with my favorite part*:

1. Maybe – Yiruma

its just piano songs, so no lyric. but i do recommend this one. its totally unique!

2. Why Have I Fallen For You? – DBSK

go asia again! hahaha.

so why have i fallen for you? i thought u’ll be here forever, but u just turn out to another path

3. Just Stand Up! – Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Fergie, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, and more

if the mind keeps telling uve had enough, but the heart keeps telling u “dont give up!”

4. Kiss by Kiss – Emilia

now here’s the key: i made u come to me. i didnt run, i didnt chase, i played it cool, i gave u space. before i knew, i was holding youu

5. T-shirt – Shontelle

now i dont know, now i dont know, if i ever gonna let u go. nothing feels right when i’m not with you

6. Little Things – Colbie Caillat

the little things u did to me are taking me over, i wanna show u everything inside of me are like the nervous heart beats are crazily beating

back up back up, take another chance. dont u mess up mess up, i dont wanna lose you. wake up wake up, this aint just the thing that u give up give up, dont u say that i’d be better off better off by myself and wondering

7. Chocolate High – Indi Arie and Musiq Child

i crave u, i want u. every cell in my body needs u, tasty like Hershey’s and Nestle’s

8. Next To You – Jordin Sparks

maybe we’re friends, maybe we’re more. maybe its just my imagination. but i see u stare just a little too long, and it makes me start to wonder

9. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti – Christina Aguilera

just when i think i am able to say that i’m OK, then i remember you, and my world just re-fall into pieces.

10. Energy – Keri Hilson

this love has taken all of my energy

11. Gotta Get Over You – Aslyn

if i gotta get over you, o gotta stop singing this song for hundred of hours

12. Stand By Me – shiNee

its an OST from asian serial Boys Before Flowers, the latest and Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Meteor Garden)

stand by me, look towards me. because i know nothing of love yet. stand by me, guard over me. because i’m still clumsy at love

there are more songs comin’ up! hehehe..



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thanks to kepala suku beruang!

just found this interesting yet sweet quote from burung’s

sometimes when i say “oh, i’m fine,” i want someone to look me in the eyes and say,”tell me the truth”

*sumpah, ini cewe banget ga si? haha..*

its a shame to cry – and being unmood as well, is veeryy tiring..



kayaknya gw mau dapet deh. hehehe.

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Mr. Nice Guy, ur kindness remains.. :)

it was u
who used to wipe the tears..
by not even using ur hand..

it was u
who delivers away the laugh..
and develop the love..

but it was u
who keeps in everything..
not even want to whispering..

then it is u
just by minutes i saw..
the one that i let my mind blow..

then it is u
who just crossed in the way..
right when my mind is getting away..

thanks to u

be the one who made me realize..
that some ones are just stay nice..

thanks to u

once again,
help me curing the pain..

thanks to u

to let me remember..
some people (sorry, btw, will it include u anyhow? hehe..) will be there..

thank u. really, bunches of thank yous. ^^


dedicated to u, the old dear good guy friend.. its always been a pleasure to love and care u đŸ™‚


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