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elementary school stories.

soo.. i met this very old friend from elementary school through facebook.. gosh, this site is really helpfull. hehehhe.

anyway, her sister added me and text me via message..

well, u know, ordinary and standard things, until then.. she asked about my former classmates and informed me that they were close back then.. hahahaha.. and she asked whether i could find his number for her, since i told her that i found his cousin via facebook as well. hehehe.

she called him the “luph monkeey”


how elementary it is..


funny ya? hehehhehe..

and in college life i would like to call it..



happy weekend all!! 🙂


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political thingy …

i just browsed, after some days without news. hahaha.

some updates about the political issues in the country would be:

the top three of the vote count:

and the recent news is : Golkar refuse to do koalisi with Partai Demokrat.

and some people lead by Megawati, or should i say PDIP, is calling themselves TEUKU UMAR. (the real reason why i am curious about the name is because the leader of Gerindra was saying that Golkar should join Teuku Umar group).

gosh.. Teuku Umar.. what the ****…


well.. i already know what to vote anyway..

hope the best man (my vote) wiinn! 🙂

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status: exhausted!

just got here from jakarta..
and things been waiting:

1. moodle thingy – topic is about marriage. yes, marriage. gosh. like i care. (checked! in 1 hour)

2. karya ilmiah. yeepp. in bahasa indonesia, people. not trying to be such an ass about my own language, but i should confess, bahasa is not my thing since high school. i’m about to finish it by tonight. i really hope i can post it and show u how pity the grammar is.

3. BRVC – subprime mortgage thingy. gosshh. i’ll do it tommorow.

4. Sunday School event! tommorow!



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LOVE (songs) FOR BEAR (playlist)

just found this little bear at flooperious (Burung’s bloog!)

all the songs are randomly listed!

for all of the bears… ^^


Music Playlist at







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Heineken Global Branding: a fun part!

soooooo, i have spent the all monday to work on this case study analysis in Brand Management course: to analyse the global branding method happened currently in Heineken brand.

ever heard of Heineken? i know, its my mistake, i never like beers, so i did not pay attention to the brand of beers. hehehe.

Heineken Brand


yepp. Heineken is a beer brand. and according to the case study, this brand is very powerful in taste and history which make it more valuable to the consumers. yet, the brand is pretty passive in attracting youth drinkers, perhaps because the strategy is cooperating with local brands.

below are some advertisings i found during the boring time working in the words, i found it quiet interesting, perhaps due to the green color which makes it looked fresh!

neat yet cute. hehehe.

neat yet cute. hehehe.





"dont drink and drive" ad

"dont drink and drive" ad


and the last is my favorite!! be sure to read it ya guys!

sooo funny,,
sooo funny,,


yepp.. thats all!!

happy looonng weekend!!

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