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heart and brain in pain.

brain thinks. heart feels.


brain knows.

sights and sounds,

tastes and words,

logics and trusts.

heart senses.

ups and downs.

beats of the heart.

 which one fits it right.


brain recognizes the feeling too,

though may be youre a fool.

and heart knows the thinking as well,

though you may not brave enough to tell.


as the brain and heart

fight for what it is right

can you tell

which one is about to win?

and when it finally gets the winner,

can u guess which is whinner?

oh heart and brain,

i hope you both can erase the pain.





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what a beautiful long weekend for anyone to have! *lebay*

its been a big pleasure to finally have an early-week break! yeaahh.

meanwhile. masiiihh aja ada tugass..

projectnya business risskk..
(gosh, i need to look for the company any time soon!)

capital market
(another weekly report. dan gw masi bingung! plus si derivatives, hahaha. akhirnya gw ngerti juga forex itu apaan!)

dan tentu saja..
sang legendaris TA!!



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