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Disney and Nick’s GIRLS – the new MMC things.

So during this absolutely relaxing holiday, I watch TV a lot; very lots that I could remember schedules of TV shows in some stations and channels. And that another day I watched E channel THS about MMC. MMC stands for Mickey Mouse Club. As u may notice, this club was a show in television (Disney channel) dedicated for teenagers. Well, you know the content: soap opera that has more teen spirit – friendships, teen crush, etc.

MMC was a big door for many today Hollywood stars. And for me personally, MMC recalls the names of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and JC Chazes. Those are some of the youngest members when the show is terminated back in 1990s. well, Britney, Christina, Justin, JC, and Ryan Gosling actually draw their own path of career as the show is actually stopped as they arrived. But look at them now. I mean, MMC could be not terminated if had known what they’ve missed. Hehehehe.

Anyway, I would like to write about what we see back then. Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan are some of famous Disney girls. They climbed the way from some serials in Disney channel (for Hillary) and movies (for Lindsay). Those are for our generation (those whose age 19 and above, raise your hands! J). Oh, don’t forget Anna Hathaway in Princess Diaries. Anyone can add some more people and stars?

Today, we can see more Disney girls. Here are my favorite girls in serials: Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez in Wizards at Waverly Place’s, Ashley Tisdale in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (or in movie HSM). My favorite in the movie are still Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical and Cheetah girls. Although the stories mostly fit the US teenagers rather than Indonesian, but I found it is still interesting and fresh.

Found the similarities yet? Yes, they all can sing! Most of them started out by making OST for the serials. You know, Hillary sang some songs from Lizzie Mc Guire, Lindsay sang “Drama Queen” for her movie; or today you can see Miley sings “Best from Both Worlds” for Hannah Montana, Ashley and Vanessa sing OST for High School Musical.

Thinks all just Disney? Hold it. Cheer the new guest, Miranda Cosgrove (spelled incorrectly) from the serial iCarly in Nickelodeon. With similar stratedy with Disney, Nick’s trying to attract its teenage girls by having this serial. And I think it works. Well, at least for most I’ve seen, this serial is nice.

My personal opinion is that both Disney and Nick are really good in doing this. In fact, I think Indonesia can follow this thing. I mean, we already have Idola Cilik, Mamamia, and stuffs. And the fact is right: they have fans – a lot. See, the reason why I only focus on girls in this post is because both Disney and Nick has seen it: girls spends more time at home and they are easy to attract through sweet stories – not to mention their population is way bigger than boys.

Further, I think both Disney and Nick girls have some differences. Disney characters, as far as I can see, focus on blonde and dark haired girls. And most of the stories are sweet and friendship stuffs. Oh, and most of them have one vclip that describes how popular they are and how annoying it is to face paparazzi (Not Like That – Ashley, Rumors – Lindsay, etc) However, Nick is more rebellious and rock. I don’t know. What do you think?

Anyway, here are some songs (by their real album – not OST of the serials) by those girls that I personally like. You might want to check it out! (in random order)


Ashley Tisdale              : He Said She Said. Headstrong. Not Like That.

Vanessa Hudgens        : Say Ok

Miley Cyrus                   : 7 Things. I thought I lost you

Hillary Duff                    : So Yesterday. Let The Rain Fall.

Lindsay Lohan             : Over.

Miranda Cosgrove      : About You Now





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some reviews.

so, its holiday, and most of my time is spent in reading and listening to the music – my top two ways to spend leisures.

nah, some of books and music that i would like to share this time would be:

twilight iflp4950big eclipse

Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer

well, after being totally impressed by the movie, i read the books. the review is 3 stars out of 5. i love the way she describe the situations and completely able to picture the forests and other scenes – most perhaps because i’ve seen the movie. but i felt a little bit boring in some parts. most likely because the point of view is only from Bella. plus, i felt really annoyed by the way Bella act between Jacob and Edward. i dont know, it just doesnt feel right. one funny thing about Bella thinking was the idea of marriage is totally dangerous for her. hahaha.


Recto Verso written by Dewi Lestari

great book. a lots gloomy stuff, but its totally fine. i found some beautiful and encouraging quotes, mostly about love – of course, the ‘it’ topic forever and always, gyahaha. i’ll share all my favorite ones later on this blog.


Circus songs by Britney Spears

i bought the album just for fun at the first time. mostly because i felt sorry for not buying her CD of Blackout. i guess i was totally forgot to. hehehe. anyway, i think this album is quite good. well, not the best ones like the old days, but way better than the ones which come out these years. i feel like the ‘good’ Britney is finally coming back. hehehe. my review will be 3 stars out of 5. my favorite songs: Womanizer (sooo funn!), Circus (good tones!)


Madagascar movie 2

great sequel movie! very cute, with jokes which is very ‘Madagascar’.  hehehehe.

thats all! cheers!


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