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they look great..

suka shortcakes? or should i specify as strawberry ones?




i wasnt a fan of strawberry, back in senior high. well, as far as i can tell, sejak kuliah di bandung yang banyaak banget strawberry nya ini, baru deh gw suka buah merah bintik2 dan asem ini. hehehe.


so one day, back in that time, i ordered a strawberry shortcake just because of the look. we have to admit, appearance dari sebuah strawberry shorcake emang oke ga si? hehehe.

anyway. as u may guess, akhirnya gw ga menikmati kue itu. ya itu dia, karena gw ternyata ga suka sama  asemnya strawberry. hehehe.

time’s changed, dan gw sekarang udah suka yang namanya strawberry shortcakes. kebiasaan yang mungkin banyak kita punya (the same as mine!) adalah ngeliat2 etalase kue dan liat2 shortcakes yang tampak enak karena penampilannya. dan most of us will not have the same cake in the same store right? well, at least, not at the second or third visit.

dan just this noon, when i was having a lunch talk with a friend, i was thinking. kadang2 kita masih terpaku sama shortcake just because it hasnt become ours. see what i mean? dan akhirnya kita mengacuhkan shortcakes yang kita tau enak, well, just because we want that hasnt-become-ours shortcake.



padahal kalo mau jujur, kita juga belom tau shortcake nya enak atau ngga. they just look better than what we have in hands right? maybe thats why we need to listen to quotes like:

you dont know what you’ve got ’til its gone.

hem, tapi setelah gw pikir2, yang namanya perasaan juga harus diikutin. hehehe.

cheers !!

ps: selamat ********* sist!!


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a blessing relationship

so i kinda having a little chat with a close friend, when finally she states something about friends of ours (who happens to be couple), that somehow annoy most of the our other friends these days. sepertinya ada sedikit masalah dalam hal komunikasi sama orang2 sekitar gitu dehh.

karena kita berdua lagi ngobrol dalam komunitas tersendiri – in this case temen2 kristen gitu, jadi kemudian saya teringat sama obrolan-sambil-lunch-di-McD bersama ka novry si brother bear bbrapa hari yg lalu.

“yang namanya hubungan tuh harus memberkati lingkungan sekitar (pertemanan-red)”

sounds too christian? let me explain then. blessing relationship atau hubungan yang memberkati di sini itu gw artikan sebagai sebuah hubungan yang bisa ngasi udara positif buat sekitar. jadi orang2 yang ngeliat kita dan pasangan – ya terutama ketika melihat kita lagi bareng – bisa merasa senang. dan senang itu berarti mereka nyaman dan (kalo mgkn, sedikit) kagum.

ya itu bisa dilakukan dengan ngeliat sikap kita berdua ke dunia luar. how we behave, act, and response to the world actually is the blessing. mungkin in brief, we may say it is about inspiring people. oh, and by then, showing the world the love of God ^^

so, have you and your partner become an inspiration and bless the society?


cheers to all!!

(special thanks to those couples that actually bless me in person! love you boths – in every couple of course, hehehe)


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talking about taiwanese series

naah, i’m so not talking about Meteor Garden atau any serials of F4 anymore. well, its not that i didnt enjoy them (cause in fact, i collected their pictures – at that time). here is one of my favorite series from that country around those years in junior high (which i re-watch after i spent too much time in youtube for Gossip Girl episode 3 and 4) :

the series is titled THE OUTSIDERS, or as called in the country DOU YU. hem, why do i think it is interesting? well, let me share the story then. the story is about a bad boy who is with a team of three, who is having a crush with a sweet-piano girl. but the story is not that simple though. as the boy cant follow the girl with her high-end life; she actually blend herself into his. they do the runaway couple thing and stay in a simple-yet-cute-small apartment, with a good hangout place at top. this serial turns out to be so original (based on information that i could gather, it is said that the idea is originally taken from the internet, perhaps real story) and show me things about life and love that amazed a 13 years-old-girl like me at that time.

my favorite parts of the series, anyway, would be the one when the girl is missing her piano routines so badly that she worked at a playground that has a piano there; and then the boy – who is really angry and dissapointed about the fact, and insisted that he is the one that should work to fulfill whateever she needs – you tell me now, do you boys need to act this way? what so bad about having a girl works anyway?. after some fights, they actually getting back together, and the boy actually draw a piano picture on the wall, so that the girl can play it anytime she wants, and they enjoyed the sound emotionally. hohoho.

my most favorite soundtrack would be this sad song titled “Breathe Again” by a girl named Juwita Suwito. it is the backsound when the boy is already dead, and the girl is crying. emm, i admit that i cried (oh, yes, i cried..) mostly because of the scene, not the song. however, it is a sweet song and i think you’ll like it. just visit this link and hear the song 

mean while, i would like to share the lyric:

i just wanna breathe again, learn to face the joy and pain

discover how to laugh a little, cry a little; live a little more

i just wanna face the day, forget about the woes of yesterday 

maybe if i hope a little, try a little more

i’ll breathe again

as far as i could remember, this serial is really great. perhaps it was due to its story which came from the internet. or maybe because it is different from the new-age asian series (with those hard-talk girls and sweet-with-stupid-ways boys). the story is just so real and unpredictable. but i need to add that the ending is not so happy, in fact, there are some casts that died in the end.


ps: dylan guo (the main boy cast) is trully cute, btw.

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(you can be) a sweet dream..

or a beautiful nightmare..

that is a new single from Beyonce. i dont really know about the record title, but as far as i know, this is an attractive-beat kind of song, and that lyric is earcatchy, dont u think? hehehe.

buat gw, belakangan ini, life is like a dream, everything’s happening really fast, uncontrollable sometimes; and that makes it even more surreal. still, for me, a life is not a dream. kenapa gw merasa life is not a dream, karena mimpi itu cuma bisa ada di pikiran doang, ga bisa di’hidup’i. so a dream is not a life; not yet until you can live it out.

without any offense ya, kadang2 kita memilih untuk bermimpi dulu aja. untuk ngambil kesempatan yang buat kita ga bakal kita ambil dalam keadaan biasa. ini nih, yg menurut gw, saat2 ketika hidup jadi mirip banget sama mimpi. ketika kita membuat diri kita seakan2 jadi sosok lain, yang melakukan sesuatu, dengan niat terkesan ga mau di’record’ karena itu kita.

atau seperti yang gw lakukan belakangan ini: enjoying surreal feelings. perasaan yang gw tau salah, yang gw tau ga bakal ada ujungnya, yang gw tau akan gantung, yang gw tau bahkan hati otak gw aja ga ngedukung hal ini (yap dith, aku masi setuju dengan semua perbicangan kita soal ini).

tapi, gw toh masi menikmati every single thing of it. and i’m telling everyone who’s reading this post, kalo mau mimpi, mgkn kita harus dream hard. tapi kayaknya kita tetep harus limit that dream, u know, just to hold ourself from falling too high and get too much hurt. LOL.

oh, and here is the rest of the catchy lyric

either way i, dont wanna wake up from you..

well, in case ure curious about the meaning; after i crosscheck it with my friend, both of us think that the meaning would be: no matter how good or bad that boy is – a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare – the girl will always like him. (well, beautiful nightmare? hahaha.)



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bear section!!!

think you know bears? hewan yang satu ini sering dibilang buas. tapi pergeseran (yaelah, pergeseran) display makhluk ini di TV dan media lainnya sudah menggeser fakta berbahaya. inget ga adegan Prince Caspian nya Narnia, yang si putri kecil mau menghampiri beruang yang lagi kelaperan. for one second, i agreed with her that a cute bear should not hurt any little girl. but as soon as that big animal do the “whooraaa” thing, i take those words back.

so, what crossed your mind soon after you heard the word bear?

a cute teddy bear??


beruang hutan??

(next pic seems to be in a wrong roles, dont u think? haha)


polar bear yang hampir punah gara2 pemanasan global?


hmm,, banyak banget kan beruang di sekitar kitaaa??

kalo buat gw, tiap kali denger kata beruang.. yang melintas di pikiran gw ituu..

the stupid (and ugly) faces..

plus big and huge size of a body

and dont forget their friendships ^^

cheers to all!! hehehe..

ps: thanks buat dilla.. yeiy! postingan pertama yang bergambar!! hehehe.


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unrecent songs…

as i still sit in front of my dearest laptop (yg baterainya tampak mulai loss dan rusak, sabar yaa laptopkuu!), and doing my never-ending-papers-in-line yang setengah mati capenya ituu; ada beberapa lagu yang jadi favorit gw lagii. hehe.

1. Push The Button – Sugababes

2. With You – Jessica Simpson

3. Addicted to You – Utada Hikaru

4. Kelly Clarkson’s songs

n still, ini sangat menyenangkan!! lagu nostalgia seru juga yaaa.




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gw bukan orang yang terlalu terpaku sama judul. jadi judul kali ini juga sebenernya ga ada hubungan langsung dengan post kali ini. hanya sekedar ingin menambahkan julukan baru buat seseorang di sana. julukan baru dari gilang cewe. banggori alias b*ng go**la. hahaha. so sorry bro. tapi kayaknya julukan buat lw tu belom ada yang bagus ya? dari gw maupun dari orang lain.

jadi sekarang gw mau ngelanjutin post kemaren, soal pemenang Megatron. seperti yang udah gw sebutkan sebelumnya, Megatron punya 3 kategori untuk dilombakan: Penghematan Energi, Keamanan Gedung, dan Pembantu Akademik. lanjut, tiap kategori ini ternyata punya level kepopuleran tersendiri, which i realized as i sort the business plans collected about months ago. jadi kalo mau di rank berdasarkan peminat, kategori paling rame adalah Penghematan Energi. kalo menurut temen panitia dari elektro, ini dimgknkan karena aplikasi ini paling mudah dan populer juga di kalangan anak elektro.

ok, here are the winners:

kategori Penghematan Energi: team 2WATT, dengan alat lampu air yang bisa nyala dengan bantuan gaya dinamis air.

kategori Keamanan Gedung: team CONSTIENT, dengan alat semacam CCTV dengan deteksi raut muka dan tangan terangkat (yg bisa jadi indikasi threat, gitu2 deh)

kategori Pembantu Akademik: Equilibrium, dengan alat yg sebenarnya gw ga terlalu ngerti2 amat. pada intinya si semacam ebook reader gitu deh, hehe, maaf ya kak, bukannya ga merhatiin, tapi wkt itu gw ngantuk parahh.

anyway, gw punya jagoan tersendiri si sebenernya dalam lomba ini. as i was there and role as moderator, gw merhatiin semua presentasi dengan cukup baik, walau gw ga bisa nanya macem2 due to time limitations. here are those who actually won my attention in yesterday event:

Penghematan Energi: produk yang bisa jadi alternatif untuk aki mobil. hmm, gw tetep pendukung mobil hybrid sih, tapi selama mobil itu harganya masi gila2an, ini bisa jadi solusi banget lho.

Keamanan Gedung: produk CONSTIENT tetep sangat menarik. tapi, ada juga yg gw suka banget, produk yang bisa ngasi portret ruangan kapan aja lewat hp. hm, pengen gw taruh dirumah, jadi kalo kangen sama org rumah (gila, gw emang bisa sangat homesick ya), bisa langsung liat, ga usah nelp2 aja. hehehe. 

Pembantu Akademik: produknya Primata Berbulu Domba, semacam e-book reader gitu, tapi cukup portable dan kayaknya seru kalo misalnya dipake buat kuliah finance. hahaha.

overall, gw seneng banget sama acara kemaren. bukan hanya karena proker divisi gw beres, dan gw bisa dapet banyak temen deket baru. tapi juga karena banyak produk yang emang worth buat di develop. makanya, gw sangat berharap ide2 yang kemaren itu bukan cuma buat lomba, tapi juga buat dijual ke investor2. semakin banyak orang2 yang berjiwa entrepreneur, gw yakin, perekonomian juga akan membaik. semangat!!



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